Phenom FAQs
Frequently Asked Questions

What does it take to be a Phenom Baseball Player?

​​Phenom Baseball is a tradition that was established in 2006 with one 8-year-old team. That team won the 9U Triple Crown Championship and started the run of success on and off the field. With early success, Phenom expanded into a three-team structure and began selecting players to field 10u, 11u, 12 and 13u-aged teams. This program is built to elevate players to the next level.

What is the mission of Phenom Baseball?

​​It has always been our mission to create an environment for young athletes to achieve their dreams of playing college and professional baseball. We also believe that through the game of baseball we can help build determination and develop character that will be an asset to our players, not only in the game of baseball, but in life and around their communities.

Is Phenom a travel team?

​​No. We look at our program as a college development program. We are not a program that just seeks out meaningless tournaments to win that $5 trophy. We play in events that we feel have a purpose in our athlete’s development to the ultimate goal that would benefit the player in their future.

What should I expect as a Phenom Baseball player?

​​As a Phenom player, you will be playing with great players against great teams. You will have a coaching staff that will work hard to help you reach your maximum potential. You will be part of a program that has more experience working with college coaches and professional baseball scouts than any organization on the West Coast. It is our mission to get you prepared for the next level.

What are the fees to play Phenom Baseball?

​​Phenom Baseball is a competitively priced, non-profit organization that operates year-round. Players pay for their expenses only, which can range depending on the number of practices, games, tournaments and special events (such as trips, meetings, private sessions). Fees are $125 per month in addition to the players' travel expenses.

Does Phenom just take the best players around?

​No. Many players and families approach our club for the wrong reasons. They are looking for an easy way to succeed. We are looking for players who have the physical ability to play at a national level and players who are looking to get better. Phenom Baseball looks for players that will be as committed to us, as we are to them.

What are some local national tournaments that you send teams to?

• USA Baseball National Championships (Arizona)
• Perfect Game MLK, Memorial Day and Youth Championships (Arizona)
• USA Cup (Cary, NC)
• USSSA (Northern and Southern California, Las Vegas)
• Firecracker Showcase and tournaments
• Pregame (Southern California)
• Triple Crown Slump busters (Omaha during College World Series)

Where are your practices held?

How long is the season?

​​Phenom is a program that runs year round. However, certain instances require players to recuperate for a specific period of time due to an injury or needed rest time after long out-of-state tournaments.

What happens if you can’t afford a trip we are attending?

Your family will need to assist in fundraising events, such as Camps, Poker Parties and Golf Tournaments that we host to help offset cost to our Phenom families/players. We believe that no player should be left behind, but at the end of the day it is a parent’s choice.